Instructions For Your Sleep Study

Home Sleep Study

Through the use of portable devices, we can provide out of center sleep study services to monitor sleep disorders. Patients will come to our facility to pick up the device.
Patients will be educated on the importance of the study and how to apply the equipment.
Each device records the patient’s cardiac, respiratory, and oximetry, Once the home sleep test is returned, it will be manually scored and interpreted by one of our board certified sleep physicians within 24-48 hours.Our physicians will manage your therapy upon the diagnosis of OSA, obstructive sleep apnea.

In certain cases, usually mandated by insurance, the CPAP trial can be done at home using a CPAP machine that automatically adjusts its pressure. Home AUTOCPAP provides less information than an attended in facility study, and it does not include a technician who can troubleshoot  mask leaks, try different masks, record sleep stages and body positions. If home AUTOCPAP test is requested by your physician, you will pick up the device at our Sleep Center and receive instructions on its use from our technicians, then return it next day. The data will be downloaded and analyzed by your sleep specialist at your following visit.